Friday, May 17, 2013

IDTSD Luncheon

We are so proud of this year’s graduates from the Institute of Design & Technology, shown at our luncheon honoring them with our special guests, Laura Kathleen Baker and Becky Ross. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Form + Fashion Event

IDTSD showcased their graduating interior and fashion students' portfolio designs at the ICON Event Center from Wednesday, May 15th  thru Friday, May 17th at the Designer’s Luncheon.

Emcee Mitch Krebs interviewed special guests, Becky Ross and Laura Kathleen Baker from Project Runway.

The event opened with the sustainable design collection of Dakota By Design & LENZANITA Couture.

Show featured the Form + Fashion design challenge where both the fashion and interior students were provided with fabrics that can work in both apparel or in decoration, and they were matched with a student from the other program.

Elizabeth Kate Swimsuit collection from Kate Warkenthien. (Watch for more images to come)

Finale collections of Becky Ross and Laura Kathleen Baker.

Models that walked for Laura Kathleen Baker.

Thank you to the support of friends, families, volunteers and donors that supported our scholarship fundraising efforts.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Collaboration: Form + Fashion

Newest feature as seen in the May issue of BizNow Magazine.  They shared our viewpoint about our learning design process at IDTSD of collaboration, in combining the “form” of chairs with the “fashion” of apparel.   BizNow magazine articulated our design philosophies and concept so well, their visually presented it with style in the page layout and photo selections.