Thursday, October 14, 2010

Portland Fashion Week 2010

For every fashionista comes the dream of having their pieces being viewed on a national runway with press, buyers, and fashion gurus. This past week, for IDTSD students, this was a dream come true. IDTSD's Creative Director was asked to present her line at Portland's Sustainable Fashion Week. Students were not only invited to experience the trip, but also to be a part of the show.

Students were able to see how a line is created first hand from the sketches and specifications to the material selections and cost sheets. They were amazed as they saw all the details that go into planning a show. Our creative director gave the students the basic concepts and then they brainstormed on accessories and how to tie all the pieces together using color and structure. Some of the student pieces were shown on the runway while others were shown in photos for the website. Several students were able to do hands-on work on garments.
On Saturday night the students were able to attend the night of "Project Runway" shows. They were captivated by the ingenuity and creativity of these designers.

On the final night the students were able to experience the back stage process and all that is a part of a runway show. They were able to experience first hand the hustle and bustle of fittings, dressing, and accessorizing the models. It was a completely different experience after first seeing how smoothly the show runs, and then to see how it is put together. This was a lifetime experience for the students as they saw first handedly all of the ins and outs of how real life situations occur. The students' work was under the Creative Director's sustainable couture line "Lenzanita."

To see our students' one of a kind work and accessories made from upcycled local materials visit Dakota by Design. For more photos and information on the show, visit Dakota by Design or IDTSD-South Dakota Made.