Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Guests attending our year end annual event were greeted with a live mannequin displaying our theme, FORM + FASHION MEETS FUNCTION, thanks to our friends at Ethan Allen.  All of our exceptional photography for our marketing poster and event was captured by the talented Christopher Reistroffer.

The Institute of Design & Technology of SD showcased their graduating interior students' portfolio designs and fashion students' runway event at the Museum of Visual Materials.  Thanks to the support of many friends, family, and donors, the event was well attended and a great time was had by all.

Our students had the opportunity to attend the Museum of Modern Art in New York; as an annual tradition, we bring in a traveling exhibit of the student's favorite work as viewed while attending the MoMa.  Van Gogh won the popular vote this year.  Each fashion student as well as the interior students were required to create something inspired by one of Van Gogh's pieces.  Thanks to Teacher's Discovery, we secured a 17' wide reproduction of Van Gogh's Starry, Starry Night  as well as two other pieces from the collection.

The event provieded an opportunity to display the work of several of our 2011-2012 Scholarship recipients.  Those in attendence were (from left to right) Linda Tlustos, Kelli Harrington, Kate Warkenthien, and Katy Morris.  IDTSD has Project: Design Scholarships available to high school seniors and non-traditional graduates with a passion for design.
Scholarship application ends in June.

Selections for the runway show featured our fashion students' work as well as seating created by our interior students.  The interest in design careers is greater than ever.  The Institute of Design & Technology of SD has been preparing traditional and non-traditional students for entreprenuerial design professions.  They provide an affordable career development in areas where geographical obstacles once made it impossible for those living in our region.

 Our graduating class of 2011 as shown (from left to right) Jenna Hartmann, Missy Van Beek, Vickie Eliason, Liz Karr, Kathryn Mehlhaff, and Amy Evans.  Van Beek and Karr were students of the Fashion program; Hartmann, Eliason, Mehlhaff, and Evans completed the Interior program and are now eligible to test for their C.I.D. Professional Membership.