Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer Camp Success

Summer has flown by, but not without a great couple of months of Project: Design Boot Camp. Each week, the work studios and sewing labs were filled with laughter as students learned new techniques and expanded their knowledge in creative careers. With a revamp in the class lineup this year, students were more knowledgeable and prepared for their advanced camps. This summer, we had students travel in from as far as Oklahoma and Wyoming, as well as those that only had to walk a few blocks to our studios each morning. It was great to have a full class of students eager to soak up creativity and explore different careers every week.

Basics of Sewing and Fashion Illustration were popular classes this year as students were able to learn the fundamentals and create a solid foundation for their creative futures. They learned various hands-on techniques and went home with not only knowlege but also their created projects.

Fashion Design I is popular with the more experienced students as this class allows them more freedom to design and create what they envision. They are able to see how their ideas turn into reality throughout the entire week as they apply their basic fundamental skills and then add more details and new skills.

The new Interior Decor camp turned out to be a success. Students were introduced to interiors and the vast careers that are involved. They were able to let their imaginations fly as they came up with a plan to redecorate their rooms. Hands-on days allowed them to create home accessories and dabble with how architects and designers draft blueprints.

Another new class this summer was the Sustainable Accessories Camp. Students were given the freedom to let their creativity soar as instructors helped their ideas come to life. Some of the materials used to create accessories were: inner tubes from motorcycles, recycled gift cards collected from local stores, zippers, and magazines.

It was another successful summer of creativity, exploration, and imagination. Be sure to watch for the 2011 Project: Design Boot Camp schedule. Sign up early to save your place in the classes of your choice. To receive early registration forms for next summer, call us with your information at 605-275-9728.

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